Are you insured?

We are entirely insured and have everything organised from equipment protection, public and product liability insurance, which is now required by many wedding venues and businesses.

What is your turnover/delivery timeframe?

With each project, we have everything completely edited, finalised and delivered to you within 14 days.

How do we secure a booking with you?

With all of our services and projects, all we require is a deposit! Once we have received it, this effectively secures your date.

Are you LGBT friendly?

Without a doubt! With a number of our staff a part of the LGBT community, we have established not only professional connections, but also have personal ones as well; allowing us to be there for anyone and everyone.

Do you perform drone services?

We most certainly do! We have numerous hours and experience when it comes to conducting drone services. We are also qualified and have undertaken training to allow us to safely and efficiently operate such equipment throughout our creative projects.

What services do you offer?

We conduct a range of services from photography, videography, graphic design, all the way to web development and anything related! Feel free to ask if you would like to know more!

How would you describe your style?

With our experience and expertise in the media industry, we have had exposure to many diverse styles. With that exposure comes our ability to tailor our services to the looks and features that YOU genuinely admire! We have experience with styles that range from traditional themes and photojournalistic to more vintage, candid spectacles.

What do you have in place to prevent media being lost/corrupt?

We have multiple measures in place to eliminate such occurences. After all of the media has been shot, all of the files will be transferred to two hard drives to provide multiple copies. In addition, we also make another copy of all of the media and upload it to Google Drive in a secure folder to ensure maximum security.

What if I lost the media you gave me on delivery?

We unquestionably understand that these things do happen. As a safety net, we therefore hold onto all of the media we create for two years.

Should we have a meeting?

Organising a meeting with us is a fantastic oppurtunity for us to get to know each other, touch base on all of your ideas/plans and discuss the date in further detail!

Have you ever cancelled or not attended a project?

Absolutely not! We have multiple staff on hand to ensure we always have adequete attendance to your events, and we certainly intend to keep it that way!

How do we receive the media?

Once all of the media has been completed, we deliver all of the finalised content on a USB. With images, you will receive them fully edited/formatted in high resolution and completely print ready. All video media you receive will be exported in high definition, allowing you to view the product in the best quality possible.

How many staff will attend our event/project?

Depends on the type of project! During weddings, if we are hired to conduct videography and photography services, typically there will be 2-3 staff on site. On smaller projects like photoshoots, for example, there will likely be 1-2 staff. Once we establish a meeting and grasp a good idea on what to expect, generally that is when we will notify the amount of staff needed.

Do you supply the RAW footage/images?

Due to content control and quality purposes, we do not supply RAW files. We have a number of qualified staff who have years of editing experience tailoring to clients desires/styling. Feel free to let us know what it is you're looking for!

How reliable is your equipment?

We have an extensive range of professional level cameras, stabilisers and equipment that amounts a small fortunes worth! Rest assured that our equipment is all attained from leading industry brands and widely exercised and maintained by our staff on a regular basis.

Why are your services more affordable?

No matter the industry sector or personal endeavour, we understand and ultimately recognise that not everyone is a millionaire. With that said, our goal has always been to assist and support local businesses and individuals to achieve their desires without costing more than it reasonably should!